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~*~*~Cover Reveal~*~*~Rediscovering His Future by KL Myers ?>

~*~*~Cover Reveal~*~*~Rediscovering His Future by KL Myers

Title: Rediscovering His Future Series: Second Chance Series #3 Author: KL Myers Model: Charlie Garforth Photographer: Eric Battershell Photography Cover Designer: Designs by Dana Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: June 22 Jaxson I had it all. A loving wife, an amazing daughter, and a thriving career that would make anyone envious. Yet, in a blink of an eye, it all changed. My family, hopes, and dreams were gone, leaving me alone to pick up the pieces of my shattered life. Every day…

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~*~*~Cover Reveal~*~*~Alphas of Danger Anthology ?>

~*~*~Cover Reveal~*~*~Alphas of Danger Anthology

** 2016’s Alphas of Sin Anthology we’ve raised $5,000 to 4 Paws for Ability! We’ve been able to sponsor a puppy pen and not one but TWO puppies named Vixen & Frenzy. We will be following the journey of these two puppies to hopefully graduate and become service dogs to a family in need. You can come join our journey on our Facebook page Once Upon An Alpha. We are now BACK with Alphas of Danger with ten bestselling authors…

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~*~*~Cover Reveal~*~*~Blood & Bone by CC Wood ?>

~*~*~Cover Reveal~*~*~Blood & Bone by CC Wood

Title: Blood & Bone (Blood & Bone, #1) Author: CC Wood Genre: Paranormal Romance Release Date: May 30, 2017 Chloe MacArthur has finally found her mate but he’s the one wolf she can’t have.   To save her heart from further pain, she leaves the pack that she’s come to consider her family. Unfortunately, unfinished business leads her back to her childhood home and straight into a deadly game with shifters that will do anything to prevent her from learning…

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~*~*~Cover Reveal~*~*~Numb by JM Walker ?>

~*~*~Cover Reveal~*~*~Numb by JM Walker

Title: Numb Series: King’s Harlots MC #4 Author: JM Walker Genre: MC Romance Release Date: TBA He doesn’t remember. In the beginning, women and alcohol were one in the same. Until he met her. The pain and heartache he caused her died when he was shot and fell into a coma. Waking up is the only way he can get back to Maxine Stanton while she does everything she can to push him away. She hates him. Every fiber of her…

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~*~*~Double Cover Reveal~*~*~The Savage Love Duet by TL Smith ?>

~*~*~Double Cover Reveal~*~*~The Savage Love Duet by TL Smith

★★★WELCOME TO THE DOUBLE COVER REVEAL FOR THE SAVAGE LOVE DUET BY TL SMITH★★★ Title: Savage Collision Series: The Savage Love Duet Book #1 Author: TL Smith Photographer: Perrywinkle Photography Cover Designer: Romantic Book Affairs  Release Date: May 12 Genre: Contemporary Romance A kiss could bond you, taint you, claim you. If you let it, it could own you. A kiss from a stranger was highly unlikely. A kiss from a man who hid himself from me, yet slowly tormented…

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~*~*~Cover Reveal~*~*~Untouched Perfection by Kristin Mayer ?>

~*~*~Cover Reveal~*~*~Untouched Perfection by Kristin Mayer

Title: Untouched Perfection Author: Kristin Mayer Photographer: Perrywinkle Photography Cover Designer: Perfect Pear Creative Covers Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: May 11 They say a soulmate only comes along once. I believe it, too. I had my chance, but it slipped away. Each day a little more of myself dies, but I pretend I’m fine. That is until I see him—the man who makes me feel alive—Garrick Shaw. Something within me changes. It’s unavoidable and unlike anything I’ve ever known. And…

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~*~*~Cover Reveal~*~*~Bad Things by Emily Goodwin ?>

~*~*~Cover Reveal~*~*~Bad Things by Emily Goodwin

Title: Bad Things Author: Emily Goodwin Photographer: Sara Eirew Photography Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date:  May 4 They say it’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. I think that’s total bullshit. No one wants to be a loser in the Game of Love. Trust me, I know. With a lying fiancee and a canceled wedding, I’ve lost big time. And that loss turned me bitter, so hell bent on vengeance that I almost…

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~*~*~Cover Reveal~*~*~Playin’ Dirty by Paige Steele ?>

~*~*~Cover Reveal~*~*~Playin’ Dirty by Paige Steele

Title: Playin’ Dirty Series: Beautifully Dirty Series #6 Author: Paige Steele Cover Designer: Pink Ink Designs Genre: Sports Romance Release Date: March 30 Jesse Anderson didn’t grow up wanting to race, but after getting his first dirt bike, he knew the track was where he belonged. He may be the youngest amongst his friends, but he’s mature beyond his years from what he’s been through already. He finds himself having the family he never thought he’d have, guys that are…

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~*~*~Cover Reveal & Giveaway~*~*~Tempting Tanya by CC Wood ?>

~*~*~Cover Reveal & Giveaway~*~*~Tempting Tanya by CC Wood

Title:Tempting Tanya (NSFW, #3) Release Date: March 20, 2017 Genre: Contemporary Romance Jordan Hawke is the one temptation that Tanya Blake can’t resist.   Two years ago, the cynical attorney wasn’t interested in relationships. Tanya only wanted a fling with the sexy British lawyer. Then she made the mistake of falling in love with him. She was shattered when he left for a job in New York and decided she learned her lesson. Never again would she allow herself to…

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~*~*~Cover Reveal~*~*~Defiance by TL Smith ?>

~*~*~Cover Reveal~*~*~Defiance by TL Smith

Title: Defiance Series: Smirnov Bratva #3 Author: TL Smith Model: Jacob Wilson Photographer: Wander Book Club Designer: Romantic Book Affairs Genre: Mafia Romance Release Date: March 11 She was promised to me. I was promised to her. She was the daughter of a drug lord, I was the cousin of one. Together we could have been beautiful. Oh, so beautiful. But beautiful doesn’t factor into my life. Death. Destruction. Pain. That was my life. She’d had her taste of it….

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