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~*~*~Excerpt Reveal~*~*~Irresistibly Deniable by Zoey Derrick ?>

~*~*~Excerpt Reveal~*~*~Irresistibly Deniable by Zoey Derrick

Title: Irresistibly Undeniable Author: Zoey Derrick Genre: Romantic Comedy Release Date: October 10 From Best Selling Author, Zoey Derrick, comes a brand new standalone novel about getting a second chance. She was his best friend’s chubby sister. He was the star football player. It never made sense that he would want her, but he did. It’s been ten years since Dyson Cole walked out of the barn after taking Ireland McKidd’s innocence with him. Another notch in his belt. Then…

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~*~*~Excerpt Reveal~*~*~Dirty at 30 by Cassandra Lawson ?>

~*~*~Excerpt Reveal~*~*~Dirty at 30 by Cassandra Lawson

Title: Dirty at 30 Series: Love Without Batteries #1 Author: Cassandra Lawson Genre: Contemporary Romantic Comedy Release Date: October 16 I hadn’t realized I was stuck in a rut until the day I lost Raphael. There I was, just about to reach my big O when he died. I tried replacing his batteries, but nothing worked. It was that frustrating moment when I decided I wanted a real man in my life. Ty seems like the perfect guy. He’s sexy,…

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~*~*~Excerpt Reveal~*~*~Fight by Molly McLain ?>

~*~*~Excerpt Reveal~*~*~Fight by Molly McLain

Title: Fight Series: Velocity Book #2 Author: Molly McLain Genre: Sports Romance Release Date: October 14 The story continues… I trusted Colton with every bit of myself. I believed him when he promised he’d never hurt me. But he broke me…and now I watch him give another woman everything I thought would be mine. I never saw this coming. I don’t blame Taylor for the decisions she’s made, because I know the fault is all mine. I took her for granted. I broke her…

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~*~*~Excerpt Reveal~*~*~Jailbait by Emily Goodwin ?>

~*~*~Excerpt Reveal~*~*~Jailbait by Emily Goodwin

Title: Jailbait Author: Emily Goodwin Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: October 6 Grayson King is anything but royal… Pepper Davenwood is the embodiment of class… They say opposites attract, but what happens when they collide? Recently released from prison, the only thing Grayson wants more than a fresh start is a chance to prove himself to the only woman he’s ever loved. But with a past he can’t talk about, a criminal record he can’t explain, and the mess his…

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~*~*~Excerpt Reveal~*~*~White Lies by Kristin Mayer ?>

~*~*~Excerpt Reveal~*~*~White Lies by Kristin Mayer

A hand trailed up my back as Alex held me. Goose bumps formed in the wake of his touch as I lay on his chest in the darkened hotel room. My fingers traced the military tattoo on his chest I couldn’t see but knew was there. The two knives intercepting each other with the inscription I will not accept defeat were over his heart. “I miss this. Being together tonight feels like when we first started dating. I’m sorry I…

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