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~*~*~Release Blitz~*~*~Bad Things by Emily Goodwin ?>

~*~*~Release Blitz~*~*~Bad Things by Emily Goodwin

Title: Bad Things Author: Emily Goodwin Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: May 4 They say it’s better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. I think that’s total bullshit. No one wants to be a loser in the Game of Love. Trust me, I know. With a lying fiancee and a canceled wedding, I’ve lost big time. And that loss turned me bitter, so hell bent on vengeance that I almost let it destroy everything….

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~*~*~Cover Reveal~*~*~ Checkmate Duet Series by Kennedy Fox ?>

~*~*~Cover Reveal~*~*~ Checkmate Duet Series by Kennedy Fox

Title: Checkmate: This is Reckless Series: Checkmate Duet Series #1 Author: Kennedy Fox Model: Nick Bennett Photographer: Sara Eirew Designer: Sara Eirew Genre: Friends to Lovers Romance Release Date: February 28 Introducing book 1 in the new Checkmate Duet Series from a secret duo of bestselling authors! This friends to lovers romance will have you swooning and laughing from the first to the last page! Are you ready to play the game? Drew Fisher is the type of guy every girl wants. Noble police…

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~*~*~Release Blitz~*~*~Torch by LeAnn Ashers ?>

~*~*~Release Blitz~*~*~Torch by LeAnn Ashers

Title: Torch Author: LeAnn Ashers Genre: MC Romance Release Date: December 8 One moment, one ordinary day changed my life and led me to my forever. Three guys tried to kidnap me. One man saved me. I was beyond scared. Being blind, I was already terrified of my every move, the unknown frightening. His name is Torch. Once he decided I was his, he didn’t let me go. Torch became everything to me: my protector, my safe haven, my husband,…

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~*~*~Black Friday Page Hop~*~*~ ?>

~*~*~Black Friday Page Hop~*~*~

  🎆★🎆BLACK FRIDAY AUTHOR & BLOGGER PAGE HOP🎆★🎆 Welcome to the Black Friday Page Hop hosted by The Hype PR, Eye Candy Bookstore, & Designs by Dana! For a chance to win a $385 Amazon Gift Card, you MUST participate in all giveaways in this Author/Blog Hop. Please follow along with the list of participating Author’s and Bloggers below: The Hype PR A Naughty Book Fling Alexis Alvarez Alyson Raynes Alyvia Paige Amber Nation Anna Brooks Anne Mercier Arabella Rose…

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~*~*~Release Blitz~*~*~Fight by Molly McLain ?>

~*~*~Release Blitz~*~*~Fight by Molly McLain

Title: Fight Series: Velocity Book #2 Author: Molly McLain Genre: Sports Romance Release Date: October 14 The story continues… I trusted Colton with every bit of myself. I believed him when he promised he’d never hurt me. But he broke me…and now I watch him give another woman everything I thought would be mine. I never saw this coming. I don’t blame Taylor for the decisions she’s made, because I know the fault is all mine. I took her for…

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~*~*~Release Blitz~*~*~Irresistibly Undeniable by Zoey Derrick ?>

~*~*~Release Blitz~*~*~Irresistibly Undeniable by Zoey Derrick

Title: Irresistibly Undeniable Author: Zoey Derrick Genre: Romantic Comedy Release Date: October 10 From Best Selling Author, Zoey Derrick, comes a brand new standalone novel about getting a second chance. She was his best friend’s chubby sister. He was the star football player. It never made sense that he would want her, but he did. It’s been ten years since Dyson Cole walked out of the barn after taking Ireland McKidd’s innocence with him. Another notch in his belt. Then…

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~*~*~Release Blitz~*~*~Black Truth by Kristin Mayer ?>

~*~*~Release Blitz~*~*~Black Truth by Kristin Mayer

Title: Black Truth Series: Twisted Fate #2 Author: Kristin Mayer Genre: Romantic Suspense Release Date: October 6 The lies all make sense now. The answers I once sought are no longer a mystery … but everything I found only leads to more questions. They say it’s better to have the cruel truth rather than a comfortable delusion. I’m not sure if I believe that anymore. Sometimes the black truth is scarier than the white lie. BUY NOW BUY NOW Kristin…

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~*~*~Release Blitz~*~*~My Next Book Boyfriend by Vicki Green ?>

~*~*~Release Blitz~*~*~My Next Book Boyfriend by Vicki Green

Title: My Next Book Boyfriend Author: Vicki Green Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: October 3 A girl can’t have too many Imagination can turn into reality when you least expect it Rylie Clark’s life is happy. She loves her best friend, her job, and a good romance story. She lives in her dream world, being taken away to another place, another time. Her list of book boyfriends is a mile long. It grows almost daily but she loves them. Every….

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~*~*~Cover Reveal~*~*~Disbelief by TL Smith ?>

~*~*~Cover Reveal~*~*~Disbelief by TL Smith

Title: Disbelief Series: Smirnov Bratva #2 Author: TL Smith Photographer: Wander Aguair Designer: Romantic Book Affairs Genre: Romantic Suspense Release Date: October 19 What if I was to tell you, you’re all evil? In some shape or form, you are. What If I was to tell you, I was the worst kind of evil? Would you believe me? I did not believe that there wasn’t anyone who didn’t contain evil. I was proved wrong, and it stumped me. I became obsessed with…

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~*~*~Release Blitz~*~*~Scandal by HJ Bellus ?>

~*~*~Release Blitz~*~*~Scandal by HJ Bellus

Title: Scandal Series: The Reckless Crew #3 Author: HJ Bellus Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: September 26 From the USA Today and AMAZON best seller of The Reckless Series, HJ Bellus, comes a sexy romance: SCANDAL. scan·dal /ˈskandl/- an action or event regarded as morally or legally wrong and causing general public outrage. That’s my life. It’s all been an evil game of charades with me at the center. I followed their rules. Married the right man with the perfect…

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