~*~*~Pre-Order Blitz~*~*~Bang by Lauren Rylie ?>

~*~*~Pre-Order Blitz~*~*~Bang by Lauren Rylie

Title: Bang

Author: Lauren Rylie

Genre: Erotic Romance

Release Date: December 21

Bane Vincent- ugh, just uttering his name causes acid to rise in my throat- is the biggest prick on planet Earth, and unfortunately, he’s packing the biggest prick in the world in his pants, too. I only know that because I foolishly gave him my virginity when I was seventeen and he was nineteen.

Did I mention he’s my older brother’s best friend?

Prick and I haven’t spoke to one another in almost five years…

Who knew a flat tire on the side of the interstate would bring him back into my life? Had I known my brother was going to send Bane to my rescue, I would have hitch hiked.

This won’t end well…

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